Tree Huggin Hippie Chili LLC   

We are in the process of restructuring our business.  We are not taking orders or conducting business at this time.
We thank our many customers for your support over the years.
We will be back but until then please go to our facebook page for updates.


Tree Huggin' Hippie Chili
   Petaluma, California     

Welcome to the Tree Huggin' Hippie Chili Factory

We specialize in mixing fine chile peppers and spices to create unique chili blends.  For the aspiring Chili Chef just follow our simple directions and you will have a chili that will become your signature dish among friends and family.  For the competitive Chef our fine blends will
 enhance your great chili recipe.
Our blends utilize chile's from California, Texas and "The Chile Trail"
 where 40,000 cultivated acres of New Mexico provide the finest chile peppers available.

  The key to making great chili is the chile pepper.
There are endless variety's of chile peppers and they are all distinct.  
At the Tree Huggin' Hippie Chili Factory we select chile peppers that will work together to generate brilliantly balanced flavor, heat, texture and color for meats, poultry and Veggies. 
Our blends creatively fuse our favorite fine spices to compliment the integrity of the particular chile recipes we offer. 

Try our custom chili blends created in the Tree Huggin' Hippie Chili Factory

In our custom chili powder blends
we offer pure ground chile peppers and fine historic chili blends from California, Texas, New Mexico and other regions with fine world class spices
to create our unique products.

Use our blends to enhance your Vegetarian chili recipe or take home the award for best
Super Bowl Sunday chili recipe.
Our blends can be added to your dry rubs for BBQ with beef, pork, poultry, fish and veggies. 
Ask about award winning competition chili recipes and the secrets to winning your local
chili cook offs.

Mission Statement
 Our goal is to provide you with the finest chili powder blends and spices without exception.  
Each time you buy Tree Huggin' Hippie Chili from our Chili Factory you will  consistently receive our
creativity, experience, appreciation and mutual understanding 
of expected quality of our product............


Tree Huggin' Hippie Chili LLC 
Petaluma, CA



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